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Oh! Youngsim Episode 02

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Drama: Oh! Young-Sim
Revised romanization: Oh! Youngsimyi
Hangul: 오! 영심이
Director: Oh Hwan-Min, Kim Kyung-Eun
Writer: Jeon Sun-Young
Network: ENAGenie TV
Episodes: 10
Release Date: May 15, 2023 —
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea





Oh Young-Sim (Song Ha-Yoon) is single and in her 30’s. She has worked as a TV variety show PD for 8 years.She wants to make people laugh with her TV shows, but they were always cancelled due to low popularity ratings. Her career is now in a crisis. She has a chance to produce a love entertainment show as a pilot program. For the show, Oh Young-Sim casts famous start-up founder Mark Wang (Lee Dong-Hae) as a guest. She is surprised that Mark Wang is Wang Kyung-Tae. When they were little, Wang Kyung-Tae had a crush on Oh Young-Sim and he always let her know how he felt about her. Oh Young-Sim did not feel the same way towards Wang Kyung-Tae at the time. He then suddenly moved to the United States with his family. They lost contact with each other afterwards.

Now, 20 years after they were last together, Wang Kyung-Tae appears in front of her as CEO Mark Wang. Meanwhile, PD Lee Chae-Dong (Lee Min-Jae) works with PD Oh Young-Sim in the same variety show department. He is always on her side. Also around Oh Young-Sim is her friend Ku Wol-Sook (Jung Woo-Yeon). She runs popular YouTube video channel “Ku’s Date.”


  1. “Oh! Young-Sim” is loosely adapted from comic “Yeolnesal Youngsimyi” by Bae Geu-Taek (published in 1988 via comic magazine IQ Jump). The original comic focuses on Young-Sim as a 14-year-old teenager and her family and friends. The drama series follows Young-Sim as a woman in her 30’s. The character of Lee Chae-Dong (played by Lee Min-Jae) is original to the drama series.


Oh Young-Sim-Song Ha-Yoon.jpgOh Young-Sim-Lee Dong-Hae.jpg
Song Ha-YoonLee Dong-Hae
Oh Young-SimMark Wang

Oh Young-Sim’s Family

Oh Young-Sim-Song Young-Jae.jpgOh Young-Sim-Gayoung.jpgOh Young-Sim-Wang Ji Hye.jpgOh Young-Sim-Tony Ahn.jpgCho Yu-Ha
Song Young-JaeGayoungWang Ji-HyeTony AnCho Yu-Ha
Oh Dae-GwangOh Soon-SimOh Jin-SimLee Woo-SangLee Ji-Yoo


Lee Min-JaeOh Young-Sim-Lee Do-Yub.jpgOh Young-Sim-Moon Jung-Ki.jpgKim Sung-KyungJo A-Jin
Lee Min-JaeLee Do-YubMoon Jung-KiKim Sung-KyungJo A-Jin
Lee Chae-DongHeo Gil-DongJang-HwanSang-EunHee-Jin
Kim Sae-Rom
Kim Sae-Rom
staff (ep.1)

“The Arrows of Love”

Oh Young-Sim-Jung Woo-Yeon.jpgKim Da-EunKim Si-DukChoi Seung-Won
Jung Woo-YeonKim Da-EunKim Si-DukChoi Seung-Won
Gu Wol-SookKim Jung-JinLee Sam-DooYoo Ho-Jae


Uhm Seo-HyunJo Yi-HyunLee Hyo-BiPark Ryang-Woo
Uhm Seo-HyunJo Yi-HyunLee Hyo-BiPark Ryang-Woo
Oh Young-Sim (young)Wang Kyung-Tae (young)Oh Soon-Sim (young)Mark Wang’s assistant
Oh Young-Sim-Hyungwon.jpgSa Hye-JinLim Seung-Min
HyungwonSa Hye-JinLim Seung-Min
Han Yo-Han (ep.1)flight attendant (ep.1)Kim Jin-Woo (ep.2)


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