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Live Your Own Life Episode 02

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Drama: Live Your Own Life (English title) / Self-Reliance of Hyo-Sim’s Family (literal title)
Revised romanization: Hyosimine Gakjadosaeng
Hangul: 효심이네 각자도생
Director: Kim Hyeong-Il
Writer: Jo Jung-Sun
Network: KBS2
Release Date: September 16, 2023 —
Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:55
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea





When Lee Hyo-Sim (Uee) was a child, her father left their family, which included her mother and two siblings. Seeing her mother with tears, Lee Hyo-Sim decided to be a good daughter. After graduating from high school, Lee Hyo-Sim got a job as a fitness trainer and began to support her family. Now, Lee Hyo-Sim works as a fitness trainer at a gym in Gangnam. She is still breadwinner of her family and devoted to them. Somehow, she begins to place herself first and try to have a life independently from her family. Her family also tries to become independent and stop living off Lee Hyo-Sim.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyo-Sim gets involved with Kang Tae-Ho (Ha-Joon). He is a director in the planning department of a large company. He is smart, confident, and a good looking man.


  1. “Live Your Own Life” takes over KBS2’s Saturday & Sunday 19:55 time slot previously occupied by “The Real Has Come.”


Live Your Own Life-Uee.jpgHa-JoonLive Your Own Life-Ko Joo-Won.jpg
UeeHa-JoonKo Joo-Won
Lee Hyo-SimKang Tae-HoKang Tae-Min

Lee Hyo-Sim’s Family

Live Your Own Life-Yoon Mi-Ra.jpgLive Your Own Life-Nam Sung-Jin.jpgLive Your Own Life-Im Ji-Eun.jpgLive Your Own Life-Sul Jung-Hwan.jpgLive Your Own Life-Kim Doh-Yon.jpg
Yoon Mi-RaNam Sung-JinIm Ji-EunSul Jung-HwanKim Doh-Yon
Lee Sun-SoonLee Hyo-SungYang Hee-JooLee Hyo-JoonLee Hyo-Do
Lee Ga-YeonLee Joo-Won
Lee Ga-YeonLee Joo-Won
Lee Ru-BiLee Phillip

Kang Tae-Ho’s Family

Live Your Own Life-Jung Young Sook.jpgLive Your Own Life-Lee Whee-Hyang.jpgLive Your Own Life-No Yeong-Kuk.jpgLive Your Own Life-Lee Kwang-Ki.jpgLive Your Own Life-Kim Bi-Joo.jpg
Jung Young-SookLee Whee-HyangNo Yeong-KukLee Kwang-KiKim Bi-Joo
Choi Myung-HeeJang Sook-HyangKang Jin-BumYeom Jin-SooKang Tae-Hee

Uicheon Villa

Jun Won-JooLive Your Own Life-Park Geun-Soo.jpgKim Yu-Ha
Jun Won-JooPark Geun-SooKim Yu-Ha
Bang Ggeut-SoonPark Woo-JooPark Ga-On

TS Fitness

Live Your Own Life-Kang Shin-Jo.jpgLive Your Own Life-Rho Sang-Bo.jpgLee Ye-SolYoon Ye-InChu Eun-Kyung
Kang Shin-JoRho Sang-BoLee Ye-SolYoon Ye-InChu Eun-Kyung
Yang Jeon-MinHwang Chi-SanMin Ga-YoungLee Mal-JaKang Jung-Sook
Live Your Own Life-Lee Choon-Sik1.jpgPark Ki-Sun
Lee Choon-SikPark Ki-Sun
Hwang No-SikChoi In-Soo


Live Your Own Life-Nam Bo-Ra.jpgLive Your Own Life-Lim Ju-Eun.jpgLee Seung-Chul
Nam Bo-RaLim Ju-EunLee Seung-Chul
Jung Mi-RimChoi Soo-KyungChairman Choi


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Sep 20, 2023 11:51 am

Konsisten minsep… jgn upload satu dua episode aja…

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