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SF8: Blink

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TV Movie: SF8: Blink
Revised romanization: Blink
Hangul: 블링크
Director: Han Ka-Ram
Writer: Kim Chang-Kyu (short story), Kang San
Network: MBC
Episodes: 1
Release Date: September 4, 2020
Runtime: Friday 22:10
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea




When Ji-Woo (Lee Si-Young) was little, her parents died in an accident involving their self driving car. Now, Ji-Woo is a detective. She trusts her own sense and abilities over the judgement of AI. She doesn’t like that she has to follow instructions from a computer when she chases a criminal. Ji-Woo then receives a new partner, but her partner is AI Seo-Nang (Ha-Joon).


  1. 8 film directors participated in “SF8,” with each person directing a 1 episode TV special. The genre of the specials deals with science fiction, including AI, AR (augmented reality), VR, and robot games.
  2. Based on short story “Baekjoong” published in the short story collection novel “Wooriga Chubangdwen Segye” by Kim Chang-Kyu (published December 15, 2016 by Arzak).
  3. SF8:
    1. SF8: The Prayer | Ganhojoong (MBC / 2020)
    2. SF8: Manxin (MBC / 2020)
    3. SF8: Joan’s Galaxy | Woojooin Joan (MBC / 2020)
    4. SF8: Blink (MBC / 2020)
    5. SF8: Baby It’s Over Outside | Iljooil Mane Saranghal Soon Eodda (MBC / 2020)
    6. SF8: White Crow | Hayan Ggamagwi (MBC / 2020)
    7. SF8: Love Virtually | Jeunggang Kongkakji (MBC / 2020)
    8. SF8: Empty Body | Ingan Jeungmyung (MBC / 2020)


SF8- Blink-Lee Si-Young.jpgHa-JoonLee Joon-Hyuk
Lee Si-YoungHa-JoonLee Joon-Hyuk
Ji-WooSeo-Nangdetective squad chief


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