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fripSide 10th Anniversary Live 2012 ~Decade Tokyo~

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fripSide 10th Anniversary Live 2012 ~Decade Tokyo~

Blu-ray release from fripSide first solo tour “fripSide 10th Anniversary Live 2012!” which final concert was held at Shin Kiba Studio Coast in December 2012. Features first vocalist Nao and special guest.

Setlist:1. grievous distance
2. fortissimo-from insanity affection-
3. endless memory ?refrain as Da Capo?
4. future gazer
5. whitebird
6. re:ceptivity
7. trusty snow
8. infinite orbit
9. everlasting
10. come to mind (version3)
11. heaven is a Place on Earth
12. a silent voice
13. way to answer
14. only my railgun
15. LEVEL5 -judgelight-
16. Hesitation snow (En1)
17. message (version2) (En2)
18. Decade (En3)

fripSide 10th Anniversary Live 2012 ~Decade Tokyo~ preview

Name: fripSide 10th Anniversary Live 2012 ~Decade Tokyo~
Released: May 8, 2013
Format: MP4 H.264
Resolution: HD 720p
Type: Blu-ray
Duration: 2 hours 8 minutes
Original File Size: 40.5 GB


[BD 720p | 825 MB]


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