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Second Husband Episode 05

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Drama: Bad Thief, Good Thief (working & literal title)
Revised romanization: Dodooknom, Dodooknim
Hangul: 도둑놈, 도둑님
Director: Oh Kyung-HoonJang Joon-Ho
Writer: Son Young-Mok, Cha Yi-Young
Network: MBC
Episodes: 50
Release Date: May 13 – November 5, 2017
Runtime: Saturdays & Sundays 22:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea




Sun-Hwa (Uhm Hyun-Kyung) has dated Sang-Hyeok (Han Ki-Woong) for years and they have a baby, but Sang-Hyeok has an affair with Jae-Kyung (Oh Seung-A), whose father runs a confectionery company. For his personal ambitions, Sang-Hyeok dumps Sun-Hwa and their baby. Making things worse for Sun-Hwa, her baby dies and she is falsely accused of murder. Sun-Hwa then meets Jae-Min (Cha Seo-Won), who is Jae-Kyung’s stepbrother. He falls in love with Sun-Hwa.


  1. “Second Husband” takes over MBC’s Mon-Fri 19:15 time slot previously occupied by “A Good Supper.”


The Second Husband-Uhm Hyun-Kyung.jpgCha Seo-WonThe Second Husband-Oh Seung-A.jpgThe Second Husband-Han Ki-Woong.jpg
Uhm Hyun-KyungCha Seo-WonOh Seung-AHan Ki-Woong
Bong Sun-HwaYoon Jae-MinYoon Jae-KyungMoon Sang-Hyeok

Daeguk Group

Jung Sung-MoThe Second Husband-Ji Su-Won.jpg
Jung Sung-MoJi Su-Won
Yoon Dae-GukJoo Hae-Ran

Hanok Bakery

The Second Husband-Lee Ho-Seong.jpgKim Hee-JungThe Second Husband-Shin Woo-Gyeom.jpg
Lee Ho-SeongKim Hee-JungShin Woo-Gyeom
Bae Dal-BongJung Bok-SoonBae Seo-Joon

Moon Sang-Hyeok’s Family

Choi Ji-YeonThe Second Husband-Chun Yi-Seul.jpg
Choi Ji-YeonChun Yi-Seul
Yang Mal-JaMoon Sang-Mi

Bong Sun-Hwa’s Family

The Second Husband-Sung Byoung-Sook.jpg
Sung Byoung-Sook


Kim Sung-HeeThe Second Husband-Lee Kan-Hee1.jpg
Kim Sung-HeeLee Kan-Hee
Park Haeng-SilOk-Kyung

Additional Cast Members:

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