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Joseon Exorcist Episode 02

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Drama: Joseon Exorcist (literal title)
Revised romanization: Joseongumasa
Hangul: 조선구마사
Director: Shin Kyung-Soo
Writer: Park Kye-Ok
Network: SBS
Release Date: March 22, 2021 —
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00-23:10
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea




When Prince Lee Bang-Won of Joseon patrolled the northern region, he faced an evil spirit which wanted to dominate human beings. Prince Lee Bang-Won was able to seal away the evil spirt.

Now, Lee Bang-Won has ascended to the throne and has taken the title of King Taejong (Kam Woo-Sung). He is cool-headed, but a powerful king. King Taejong is proud of the fact that he helped his father establish the Joseon dynasty. He also feels heavy guilt from killing so many people during the founding of Joseon. The evil spirit which King Taejong sealed away in the past resurrects itself on the land of Joseon. To seal the evil spirit away, King Taejong must again fight the evil spirit.

Meanwhile, King Taejong has sons Crown Prince Yangnyeong (Park Sung-Hoon) and Prince Chungnyeong (Jang Dong-Yoon). Prince Chungnyeong’s only interest is to learn academics. He suddenly faces a crisis caused by the evil spirit. To protect the people of Joseon, Prince Chungnyeong jumps into the war against the evil spirt.

Crown Prince Yangnyeong seems full of confidence. He actually lives with chronic anxiety over whether he will be recognized by his father King Taejong. He tries to be recognized by his father, but his actions never seem good enough. Nevertheless, King Taejong has a strong desire to have his first son Crown Prince Yangnyeong become the next king. Greed then consumes Crown Prince Yangnyeong to enter into a contract with the evil spirit.


  1. “Joseon Exorcist” takes over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “Penthouse.”
  2. 8 character posters for SBS drama series “Joseon Exorcist.”


Joseon Exorcist-Kam Woo-Sung.jpgJoseon Exorcist-Jang Dong-Yoon.jpgPark Sung-Hoon
Kam Woo-SungJang Dong-YoonPark Sung-Hoon
King TaejongPrince ChungnyeongCrown Prince Yangnyeong

King Taejong’s People

Joseon Exorcist-Seo Young-Hee.jpgJoseon Exorcist-Moon Woo-Jin.jpg
Seo Young-HeeMoon Woo-Jin
Queen WonmyungPrince Kangnyeong

Prince Chungnyeong’s People

Joseon Exorcist-Oh Eui-Sik.jpg
Oh Eui-Sik

Crown Prince Yangnyeong’s People

Joseon Exorcist-Lee Yoo-Bi.jpg
Lee Yoo-Bi


Joseon Exorcist-Kim Dong-Joon.jpgJoseon Exorcist-Jung Hye-Sung.jpgJoseon Exorcist-Keum Sae-Rok.jpgJoseon Exorcist-Choi Moo-Sung.jpg
Kim Dong-JoonJung Hye-SungKeum Sae-RokChoi Moo-Sung

Goryeo Drifting people

Joseon Exorcist-Kim Pub-Lae.jpg
Kim Pub-Lae
Wang Yoo


Joseon Exorcist-Darcy Paquet.jpgJoseon Exorcist-Seo Dong-Won.jpg
Darcy PaquetSeo Dong-Won

Additional Cast Members:

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sayang smallen
sayang smallen
Mar 30, 2021 8:05 pm

mau nangis aja drakornya bubar pdhl pgn lihat mas Jang Dongyoon huweee

Mar 28, 2021 12:20 am

the shortes drama in sbs just 2 eps

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